Metro Ministries Costa Rica

Partnering with Metro Ministry is a wonderful opportunity to serve children, young people, and families in desperate need, and have the power to transform hearts through the word of God.

What we do:

We provide both physical and spiritual support to families in extreme poverty. Our project focuses on children and young people who are disadvantaged, abused, and mistreated by their homes.

We offer various activities for children such as Dramas, puppet shows, Bible stories, Bible lessons, games, worship songs with movement, Art clubs, vacation Bible schools, youth camps, home visitations, child sponsorship, community work with missionary teams. We meet each child, teenager, and family where they are and personally invest in their lives.  we believe that relationships and meeting physical needs are important, but only the redemptive power of Jesus can truly change lives. For children living in hopeless situations, the love of Jesus brings hope, joy, peace, and provides a foundation that cannot be shaken.

Our kid's programs and youth programs are the great opportunities of our ministry, where the Metro youth and children have the chance to meet and receive the love of Jesus for the very first time.

Our goal is to help children find hope by developing their skills through weekly programs for children and youth that include art clubs, games, stories, educational teachings about drug and alcohol prevention, puppet shows, and good principles.

We invest in the lives of children and young people through one-on-one relationships and weekly home visits to get to know each child better and support their family's needs as a family.


We also seek to mobilize and support Costa Rican organizations so that they can reach out to children in poor communities throughout the country.

We teach English to single mothers and young people as well we seek to help families who wish to learn how to read or write. We also Provide psychological help to children with traumas due to sexual or physical abuse. We Sponsor young people who do not have the necessary resources to finish their studies through scholarships or other means such as children's sponsorship.

We are currently working in three neighborhoods in San Jose Costa Rica.
In very poor communities, where children grow up surrounded by an environment of drug influence and crime where parents are involved with gangs or criminal activities. We are investing in the lives of children with physical and emotional trauma. Most of these children grow up in extremely dysfunctional families where 70% of the child population does not have a parent. Many mothers feel forced to leave their children with neighbors or even alone in extreme circumstances so that they can work and bring home the food they need.  Many of these mothers raise up to 5 children alone without any help.  Our programs are also aimed at helping these mothers educate their children while they are away.
Since many children remain on the streets while their mothers are away during the day.


while they are working. Our programs for children have become a healthy place for them to be. Our programs offer the option for children not to be on the streets or on street corners with the people who influence them to make bad decisions. Our organization accompanies the children of each community until they become strong young people.