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In Metro Ministries Costa Rica,

we are fervently dedicated to bringing love and hope to those who have suffered abuse and face conditions of great need in disadvantaged communities in Costa Rica. Our commitment is focused on providing a safe and caring environment where the children can heal and grow, giving them opportunities for a better future. We work to build bridges for a tomorrow full of possibilities, seeking to be a beacon light in the midst of the difficulties they face, and firmly believing in the transformative power of Jesus, his love, and hope in their lives.


We constantly need people like you on our team, people ready to make a difference in a world full of suffering and pain.


Come join us, as a short-term or long-term volunteer, or for a gap Year:

By contributing your time and skills, Metro Ministries is able to help and improve the lives of many children and families in Costa Rica.

Serving with us can be also a way to use and develop your skills, put your faith and values into action, work for a cause you believe in, make the most of your time, and do something rewarding!


Our dedicated volunteers play a fundamental role in a wide variety of areas within our organization. From programs aimed at children to initiatives designed for youth, our volunteers are the essential backbone of projects such as children's programs, VBS, mission trips that extend outside of San José to various regions of Costa Rica, and administrative tasks at the office. Their commitment includes much more than simple tasks; they represent the essence of our mission, contributing significantly to building a stronger and more caring community.


Accommodation for short-term, long-term volunteer, or gap Year: 

We seek to enrich our volunteers' experience not only through their service but also through a full immersion in the local culture and language. For this purpose, we have taken a unique approach by establishing partnerships with families who share a deep love for Metro Ministries in San Jose Costa Rica.

These families generously commit to hosting our volunteers for a low cost in their homes, offering them not only a place to stay, but also the opportunity to share closely their culture, and language.


This exchange not only promotes a deeper understanding of the culture, language, and country where we serve but also furthers connection on a more personal level, transmitting the love of Jesus to each volunteer in an authentic and meaningful way, being with families who love God.

Guide to Raising Funds as a Volunteer:
Fundraising can be a very rewarding experience when you share a meaningful desire or cause with your friends, church community and family. Communicating the passion behind the fundraising goal is essential to inspire others to join this good cause.
An effective strategy is to organize awareness events at your church, with friends and family. In a place where you can explain the reason behind the fundraiser and encourage the community to help. In addition, sharing the campaign on online platforms such as GoFundMe makes it possible to reach a wider audience and makes it easier for those who wish to support from anywhere in the world to participate.
Establishing a clear fundraising objective and describing in detail a clear budget and how contributions will be used helps to build trust and transparency.
Whether for a personal purpose, a community project, or a volunteer initiative, the combination of personal connection and online tools such as social media can also have a very significant impact on fundraising success.

Training / Introduction
When arriving at Metro Ministries, our volunteers receive a complete introduction to the culture and general information about Costa Rica.
This orientation process not only gives them an in-depth knowledge of the country's cultural diversity but also provides the
m with the necessary tools to understand and respect local traditions or customs. 
In addition, before starting their service as volunteers, everyone receives general training specific to Metro Ministries. This training covers practical and theoretical aspects related to the mission and values of the organization, as well as best practices for carrying out their work effectively and ethically.
We are committed to ensuring that every volunteer is prepared and trained to participate in a meaningful way in the positive impact Metro Ministries has on the communities.

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