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Who we are:

Metro Ministries is a faith-based humanitarian organization dedicated to serving and helping disadvantaged children by offering them a message of love, hope, and salvation that encourages them to stay stronger and stay in school, away from gangs, drugs, and other destructive or criminal behavior so common in Costa Rica. Metro meets various needs, both physical and spiritual, through short- and long-term one-on-one relationships.
In collaboration with local churches in Costa Rica, we do partnerships to spread God's love and salvation and create a stronger and lasting impact in the communities. We also do community work with churches and missionary groups. We promote sports and create a healthy and safe environment for the youth we work with. Learn more about our projects here...


What matters to us:

In a world full of anguish and suffering, we seek to bring God's love and hope to all those families and children who are growing up under great social risk. By investing in each child's life for a long-term period, it is important for us to see a lasting impact on his or her life as an adult, with healthy principles and prepared to face the world with a positive attitude, despite his or her past or the suffering he or she has experienced.


What we do:

We provide both physical and spiritual support to families in a condition of poverty. Our projects are focused on serving underprivileged children and youth, and some who have suffered violence, mistreatment, and even sexual abuse in their homes.
We currently support up to five different communities with our programs. 
We offer various activities for children such as dramas, puppet shows, Bible stories, Bible lessons, games, praise songs with movement, art clubs, vacation Bible schools, youth camps, home visits, child sponsorship, and community work with missionary teams. We believe that relationships and taking care of basic needs are important, but it is the redeeming power of Jesus that truly changes lives. For children living in challenging situations, it is God's love that brings hope, joy, and peace and provides them with a foundation that cannot be shaken. Our children and youth programs are wonderful opportunities where young people and children meet and receive the love of Jesus for the first time.


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