Home visits

Home visits

We believe that the intimacy of visiting in the home can make parents more comfortable about opening up and identifying their needs. It also helps home visitors to better tailor their support and guidance to the families’ needs. 

From observing the family and the children in their home, home visitors can also build on their strengths and can also identify risk factors in the children’s growth and development.

Our visits to families are made every week Tuesday and Friday.

Visitations are the key to establishing a long-term effect that remains on the community in which we work. The goal of the visitation is to build relationships with children and their families.

A regular program of family visitation promises the following benefits

1.   It extends to the care and support of the ministry in the homes of the children 
2.    Family-visiting provides ways to determine the precise needs of the children
3.    It allows us to assess the children’s reaction and their behavior in our programs
4.    Visiting establishes a meaningful relationship between parents and the Metro Ministry
5.    It provides a way to detect problems.