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Thank you for partnering with Metro Ministries.

Metro Ministries CR uses your gifts to carry out the Great Commission by rescuing vulnerable kids one at a time. But one of our goals is to transform whole communities, bringing hope, love, and faith wherever we work.

We need your help! Your financial support as well as your prayers, make it possible for us to minister to children, young people, and families in Costa Rica every week.

What Your Monthly Giving Provides

Your monthly contribution helps to support Metro Ministries to reach children with programs providing Sunday School services and personal home visits to each child on a weekly basis. They are shown frequently that they are important and that their lives matter to us and to God. We can't say enough about how just this alone has impacted these children into becoming the teens they are today. They haven't been forgotten. In addition, your support helps provide children with Christmas toys, school supplies, as well as food, where resources permit. 

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Your donation is greatly appreciated!

Tax deductible donations


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$ Dollar account

Bank account: 932437189

Cuenta cliente: 10200009324371895

IBAN: CR92010200009324371895


Colones account

Bank account in colones: 932437197  

Cuenta cliente: 10200009324371978

IBAN: CR82010200009324371978

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