The youth camps are a special program for teens who are 14 years olds and older.
Metro Ministries together with Refugio Solte and Dwelling Place Church Roanoke offers a youth camp every year for our teenagers.  During this camp, each experience is unique and allows our teenagers the opportunity to experience Jesus through fun games, art, and craft, meaningful worship, and great speakers that come all the way from the USA, and also local to teach our young people about a  life of purpose in God! We believe that our youth camp is a great tool to keep the hearts of our young people motivated to know God better and also for them to leave the tough environment in which they find themselves every day. Our young people mostly come from very dysfunctional families, with no foundation of God in their homes! The only place where they could feel encouraged, to hear about God, to grow spiritually is being part of our programs and youth camps. Our mission is to train God's leaders in their communities and motivate them to be part of a local church.