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Come and Join us:

Use and develop your skills, put your faith and values into practice, and make the most of your time.

By contributing your time and skills, our Ministry can help and improve the lives of many children, you,th and families in the poor areas of Costa Rica, bringing them a message of salvation, and hope.

Ways to volunteer at Metro

Youth Events:

In our youth events, we do several different events such as,
Worship, teachings, games, sports events, youth camps, and mission trips to other places in Costa Rica. If you enjoy working with young people, sports, and teaching young people, please come and join us.

Children activities:
We are in need of at least 5 people including men and women to help in the ministry with all the children's activities carried out in each program. This includes inviting children, playing with children, teaching lessons, helping to keep order, etc.

Home visits:
We are in need of people with fervent hearts to evangelize, disciple, and pray for the people we visit. 


Office department:
We are in need of people with accounting knowledge and general administration skills.

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