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Why volunteer? Volunteering with Metro Ministries can be a way to:

Use and develop your skills, put your faith and values into action, work for a cause you believe in, make the most of your time, and do something rewarding.

By contributing your time and skills, our Ministry is able to help and improve the lives of many children, young people and families in the poor areas of Costa Rica, bringing them a message of salvation, hope, and prevention every week.

Ways to volunteer in Metro

Teenager’s activities:
Many of these children's homes are absent of a father figure or any male role models. They are being raised by a single mother or a grandmother. We are in need of at least three Godly men that have the heart to help pour into these kids lives through Youth activities such as:
Games, sports, encouraging teachings, and discipleship groups.

Children activities:
We are in need of at least 5 people including men and women to help in the ministry with all the children activities carried out in each program. This includes inviting children, playing with children, teaching the lessons, and helping to keep the order, etc.

Home visits:
We are in need of people with a fervent heart to evangelize, disciple, and pray for the people we visit. This includes the children's homes of children that come to our activities currently.



We are in need of people with skills for vehicle maintenance for our ministry van and truck as well as for repairs and garden maintenance of the Metro base facility.

Office department:
We are in need of people with accounting knowledge and general administration skills.


We are in need of people who can help us with the hospitality of mission teams or guests that come to visit us in the ministry for general orientation etc…

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