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Impacto Integral Talamanca Costa Rica

Last week we had the opportunity to go and serve in one of the indigenous communities of ​​Costa Rica (Talamanca). It was a great experience!

Together with a team from the USA and our Metro Ministries team, we traveled 6 hours to help and get involved in the daily life of some local people in Talamanca, doing some works like: picking beans at their bean plantation, carrying some wooden beams to build a house, and carrying bananas which they harvest to sell and bring sustenance to their homes. It was a unique and unforgettable experience for many of our team who accompanied us on this mission.

The main foundation of Metro Ministries is to invest in children, youth and families in San José; and this year we have developed a new project (Integral Impact) with the intention of also investing in other communities around Costa Rica in an integral way, and at the same time sharing with them the message of hope and salvation. As the Ministry grows, the vision grows with it!

Thank you very much for supporting Metro Ministries Costa Rica, for keeping us in your heart and prayers!

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