The initiative of X-Camps is to motivate the youth of metro and youth from other churches, to know God in an integral way in nature.

Our Extreme Camp program runs for 4 nights and 5 days. Your camper will spend their days participating in their selected activities, making friends, memories, and working together as a team.

This camp includes challenges, resource management, accountability, and adventure in the nature surrounded by mountains. Our trained staff will take the camp to the end with excellence,

finishing with graduation and giving each of our participants a certificate of accomplishment  that

states that each of our participants successfully completed all the challenges during the X- CAMP.


Each activity in the X- CAMP is done with the purpose of helping you discover your potential, strength, or weakness, in terms of working as a team.

  • X- CAMP challenges you to conquer, prevail and be a winner

  • X- CAMP allows you to learn in the school of life. The school of life has no mercy with masks. Being in circumstances beyond your control makes what is really in your heart come out.

  • X- CAMP will help you grow in the interdependence of a team.

  • X- CAMP will help you understand more about yourself and the gifts that God has given you.

  • X- CAMP will challenge you to use your initiative, creativity, compassion, responsibility, and trust through service to others.

  • In X- CAMP you will be challenged and taken beyond your limits, you will surrender your comfort zone, and you will discover your strengths and weaknesses in your physical spiritual and mental area.