Donations of fruits and vegetables

It is a great blessing to be able to serve families with donations of fruits and vegetables from the indigenous area of Talamanca. Food in Costa Rica has increased significantly in price, and this is a great help to these families.

God has opened new opportunities for us to share in other places outside of San Jose. This time in the indigenous areas of Costa Rica. Jose has met with local pastors to develop some projects to do ministry and invest in families, children,

and youth.

Together with a church in San Jose, we traveled to Talamanca for a mission trip. It is a great blessing for us to join together to do mission trips outside of San Jose, and together motivate the people of the church to have missionary experience and together fulfill God's call.

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A visit to the Cabecar indigenous community in Costa Rica to bring help to the families.

The Cabecars are an indigenous ethnic group in Costa Rica. They are located in Chirripó, in the Pacuare Valley, and in the Talamanca Reserve, between the provinces of Cartago and Limón, as well as a small community living in Ujarrás de Buenos Aires. After the Bribri, they are the indigenous ethnic group with the largest number of individuals in the country.

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Last week the first home visits started again. It is amazing how happy and hospitable we were received. Besides the personal conversations with the family, we could enjoy snacks and play with the children.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the children and their backgrounds.

Furthermore we can build a better relationship with the parents so that they have a clearer view of Metro.