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Keyli Abigail Espinoza


Keyli Abigail Espinoza is a sweet girl, full of joy and happiness. Her passion for playing and studying drives her every day. She lives with her mother, and together they are facing very difficult and challenging times. Her mother, being the main provider of the household, is unemployed due to health issues, which further complicates their situation. Additionally, taking care of two young children adds an extra burden of responsibility for her.


Full Name: Keyli Abigail Espinoza

Age: 9 years old

Date of Birth: 02/03/2015

Ministry Location: Metro Ministries/ Ebenezer

Gender: Female

Language: Spanish

Hobbies: Studying and Playing

General Health: Healthy

Primary Caregiver: Mother/ Fabiola Espinoza

Family Profile: Unemployed mother due to health problems.

Prayer Request: For family in general, studies, and sickness


Detailed family information:

We go through a lot of need of food in the family, since the main breadwinner of the household is me, (mother) and I can not work because I have health problems, and it is hard for me to get a job because of my health condition.


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