You can make a lasting change in my life. Please become my sponsor and transform my community and my life.


Jef is the older brother of 4 brothers, he is one of the most faithful children in our programs every week. Jef has suffered a lot during his childhood, his father is addicted to alcohol, Jef has seen violence in his home that as a child he shouldn't see, for example, seeing his father mistreating his mother in front of his brothers etc. A few weeks ago his mother decided to end the violence in her home and decided to end the relationship with Jef's father. Since then Jef has taken on the role of the man of the house, sometimes having to go to work to get some money to help his family.

Jef deserves a strong start  the best chance for a successful future, You can make a difference in Jef's life that shows him that he is important, loved and that someone cares about him.

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