You can make a lasting change in my life. Please become my sponsor and transform my community and my world

Daiv is a faithful child in our programs for children, he is 6 years old, Davis was abandoned by his biological mother when he was very young. His mother was addicted to drugs and this also affected Daiv's health. His current mother has been very brave, because being a single mother adopted Daiv to give him the love Daiv needs.  Daiv is a very sweet child and wins anyone's heart. Daiv needs help to go to school and more. His current mother has had a health problem which has caused her to lose total vision in one of her eye and have partial vision with the other. For this reason her mother cannot work full-time anymore to help in everything  Daiv needs to go to school and even with his food. She does not want to lose her child because of this situation. You can give Daiv hope to move forward with your sponsorship..

Please remember Daiv in your prayers. Your love and support will help Daiv to receive the assistance he needs to grow and develop.

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